Ottawa River 

Play Guide 

Welcome to the Ottawa River Play guide.  This guide is in the early stages, but hopefully it will help visitors to the Ottawa River find and enjoy some of the best play spots.  This guide does not describe the river run, nor does it classify rapids.  It is purely for reference to individual playspots that can be found along the river.

DISCLAIMER:  Not all playspots in this guide are recommended for beginner playboaters.  This guide is provided as a helpful resource only, and should not substitute personal decisions made based on individual skill levels.

Click on the section of the river below to find out what play spots are located there, including river levels, directions, pictures and details.


The Ottawa River Playguide is temporarily under construction.  Please come back soon to check out photos to match the descriptions of each playspot!

playspots by location:                playspots by river level:

McKoys Chute                                                            < 0

Main Channel                                                              0 - 5

Middle Channel                                                           5 - 10

                                                                                   > 10